What is the Veeam WAN accelerator and how does it work?

Executive Summary

Businesses today have high demands on IT departments, as well as high expectations and high penalties if they fail. Software can meet those demands through design, exceeding the requirements of most organizations. However, to do so, it has to be correctly incorporated into the infrastructure like a right-fitting jigsaw piece.

To meet those demands, we have to ensure the overall design meets the needs of the business while providing the opportunity to grow. This should be accomplished by pushing every component to the maximum without excessive expenditure, meeting the expectations and delivering to the organization. Part of the solution should be the protection of valuable data and retaining Availability.

Veeam® is a global leader in data Availability and protection. The flagship product is Veeam Backup & Replication™, a product which offers unrivalled Availability for all business types.

This paper provides practical advice to help administrators, architects and IT professionals understand how they can maximize the data flow between locations in their infrastructure when using Veeam Backup & Replication WAN accelerator tools, so that they can confidently deploy their Veeam services.


Whitepaper: Veeam_WP_WAN Acceleration