One-Two-Many Portals

Executive Summary

For over a decade, here at Veeam we have dedicated ourselves to enhancing our product portfolio, creating a tailored fit for small businesses, medium-sized enterprises, and service providers. Each segment faces unique challenges while maintaining a focus on its distinct specialties. Small businesses seek simplicity and efficiency, while the core requirements for medium-sized enterprises include stability and comprehensive technology coverage.

In contrast, scalability, and the ability to manage operations at scale are crucial cornerstones for both Enterprises and Service Providers.

Based on our extensive field experience, we have observed that Enterprises and Service Providers often share common ground, learning effective strategies from each other to achieve their respective goals. This whitepaper aims to  illuminate the subject of managing Veeam Solutions at scale, based on experience we got from our clients.

Whitepaper: CR_veeam_One_two_many_portals