Designing a Kubernetes Disaster Recovery Strategy

Executive Summary

Applications have been quickly evolving from monolithic and virtualized approaches to microservice-based architectures, where Kubernetes has emerged to become the de-facto container orchestration platform.

Regardless the application’s architecture, data is always going to be the most important asset in any company, so protecting it is paramount. Therefore, as with any other approach, when using microservices with Kubernetes it is
key to have a proper Data Protection strategy, including a proper Disaster Recovery Plan.

This whitepaper provides some recommendations and best practices to create a Disaster Recovery Strategy for a Kubernetes infrastructure, and all the applications running on it, by using Kasten by Veeam. These recommendations include the use of automation tools, which make i–t easier to design of the Kubernetes Disaster Recovery strategy in a DevOps context

Whitepaper Download: Designing_a_Kubernetes_DR_strategy